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Dr. Andy

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Stem Cell Therapy

The Advantages of
Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are the focus of some of the most interesting research in medicine today. Because stem cells have the potential to create missing or diseased cells, tissues, organs, etc., they are seen as a radical new source of treatment for all sorts of medical conditions. Of course, stem cell therapies are still just getting started, but they promise enormous benefits for a wide range of conditions in the near future.

Most of the science behind this research is far too technical for anyone but a specialist to understand fully. For the average person, all that scientific language is bewildering, and in our experience it actually scares some people. Needless to say, the last thing we want to do with Cancer patients or their families is to scare them.

This exciting new field is called regenerative medicine. Dr. Andy is certified by the Ministry of Health to perform stem cell thereapy, and has passed the examination for specialist conducted by the Japan Regenerative Medical Association.

At the present time, however, this therapy can only be made available to patients who have chronic pain. In other words, our Clinic cannot provide stem cell therapy specifically for the treatment of Cancer or other diseases.

On the other hand, many patients who are struggling with Cancer find themselves in pain. For patients who complain of pain, we are allowed to employ stem cell therapy to help mitigate the chronic pain associated with Cancer.

Stem cell therapy also produces a range of unexpected side benefits because of its powerful impact on the process of aging. Patients often come to Dr. Andy asking for stem cell therapy to help alleviate chronic pain, and in the course of treatment they discover its remarkable anti-aging benefits as well. These include: improved vision, digestion, sleeping habits, and skin tone; elimination of wrinkles and age spots; reduction in ED symptoms, stiff shoulders, and other effects of natural aging.