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Note to Medical Professionals

A note to medical professionals about the over-simplification of explanations on this Website

If you are a medical professional or have any kind of medical training, the explanations contained on this site seem ridiculously over-simplified. They’re supposed to.

Most of the science behind this research is far too technical for anyone but a specialist to understand fully. For the average person, all that scientific language is bewildering, and in our experience it actually scares some people. Needless to say, the last thing we want to do with Cancer patients or their families is to scare them.

Consequently, we have avoided even rudimentary scientific language on this Website. However, that does not mean we want to hide or avoid discussing the details behind our work. Just the opposite — there is a great deal of research going on right now involving some of these therapies, and we are happy to present data and relevant information so that medical professionals can refer to source documents and evaluate the research for themselves.