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Dr. Andy

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About the Clinic

About Dr. Andy and His Clinic


Graduated from Dept. of Medicine, National Gifu University,
Awardee, Japanese Ministry of Education and Labor Special Scholarship for Foreign Researchers.


Graduated from Dept. Orthopedic Surgery, Tumor Research Group,
National Gifu University Graduate School,(PhD in Cancer Treatment & Immunotherapy)

Clinical work at National Nagoya University Hospital, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

1989 Establishment of Dr. Andy`s Clinic of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Advanced Cancer Treatment.
1999 Establishment of Dr. Andy`s Clinic of Advanced Cancer Treatment & Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies, Inc.
2021 To Present.

Board Certified, Japan Regenerative Medical Association,
Board Certified, Japan Cosmetic & Esthetic Society

Japan FDA`s Authorized Medical Institution (under Act of The Safety of Regenerative Medicine)
Class 2 Stem Cell Therapy “Chronic Pain Treatment with Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells”

Chronic Pain (Jpn. License # PB 3190020)
Diabetes Mellitus (Jpn. License# PB 3200114)
Class 3 Cancer Immune Cell Therapy for “Cancer”


Affiliated Medical Associations

  • Japan Regenerative Medicine Society
  • Japan Cancer Association
  • Japan Cancer Medical Association
  • Japan Clinical Cancer Society
  • Japan Cancer Metastasis Society
  • Japan Society for Iodine Research
  • Japan Preemptive Clinical Medicine Association
  • Japan Ortho Molecular Medical Society
  • International Gene, Immuno-Pharmacology Association
  • Japan Umbilical Placental Medical Research Society
  • Japan Cancer Circulatory Medical Association
  • Japan Anti-Aging Medical Association
  • Japan Human & Pet Animal Medical Research Society
  • Japan Locomotor Transplant & Regenerative Research Society
  • Japan Apheresis Society
  • World Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
  • APSAM PRP Research Society
  • Japan Cosmetic & Esthetic Society
  • French Society for Mesotherapy
  • Japan Orthopedic Surgery Association
  • Japan Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Association


A Personal Message from Dr. Andy

  • Sadly, many people today suffer from frightening, life-threatening conditions. Cancer is only the best known of several medical problems that hurt not only patients, but their families and loved ones as well. In my experience, for every person who develops advanced-stage cancer, there are a dozen or more family and friends who suffer emotionally as a result. This breaks my heart. I have studied different fields of medicine, but nothing has moved me like oncology — the ability to battle with cancer, and by doing so, to ease the suffering of so many people. This is what makes my work so satisfying and it is the thing that keeps me going on. I love what I do, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel the world and learn about different therapies that have proven successful in other countries, then to bring them back to my own clinic, test them myself, and apply the ones that provide the greatest benefit for my patients.
  • My team and I regularly deal with patients suffering from Stage 4 cancer — what medical science regards as incurable and untreatable. We refuse to accept that. I tell anyone who inquires that there is hope! Stage 4 cancer is NOT a death sentence, and even in some of the worst cases, it is still possible to extend the patient’s productive lifespan. I feel it is my duty to continue this work and to train others to do the same: my goal is to help both patients and their families by providing real, empirically-backed reasons for hope. My Integrated, Multi-Discipline Approach DOES work, and it DOES provide positive outcomes for patients. I hope to keep refining it and making it even better!

Dr. Andy’s Activities